provides free e-learning courses online. Ideal for self-directed or facilitated learning in business and money education.

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SMART Simulation Tutorials

20-minute hands-on activities for learning about spreadsheets, accounting software, email marketing, photo editing, and more.

Cash Flow with a Spreadsheet
Building a cash flow projection using a spreadsheet application.

Accounting Software
The basics of managing business finances with an accounting application.

Email Marketing
The basics of using email to communicate your message.

Image Editing
How to edit and create images in word-processing (Microsoft Word), image-editing (Adobe Photoshop), and vector-graphics (Adobe Illustrator) applications.

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More About SMART

The Smart Technology for a Smarter Business program is a highly practical, ready-to-use, and customizable curriculum for business and office technology training. Designed as a resource for small business trainers, the curriculum is also ideal for use in schools. The curriculum was developed under a US$1.5 million sponsorship provided by HP. It includes 19 business topics in five subject areas: Operations and Management, Finance, Communication, Marketing, Technology Management. Each topic offers 2 hours or learning time, with the entire curriculum providing at least 40 – 50 hours.

The entire SMART curriculum is included free on CD-ROM with your purchase of a GoVenture simulation. Find out more at External Window